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    "...a second full-length that doesn’t disappoint... a proper delight of a record.
    Electronic Sound magazine

    "...a sparklingly produced, fresh distillation of the spirit and bright breezy feel of classic British library electronics and BBC recordings.
    Jim Jupp (Ghost Box Records / Belbury Poly)

    "...a smorgasbord of sonic-food fusions, cooked-up with vintage synths, field recordings, household objects and more... a cleverly-constructed and consolidating calling-card.
    Delusions of Adequacy

    Photo: Victoria Hastings

Pop concrète

The Twelve Hour Foundation is an electronic/musique concrète duo based in Bristol. The line-up comprises Polly Hulse (analogue synth/rhythms) and Jez Butler (analogue synth/concrète sequences).

The band initially came together to perform pieces from Jez’s album The Lighter Side of Concrete, and the name, originally attributed by Polly to a side project, is now permanent.

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