About The Twelve Hour Foundation

Jez Butler and Polly Hulse, The Twelve Hour Foundation

Photo by Matt Hulse

Formed in 2013, The Twelve Hour Foundation came together following requests for performances of Jez Butler’s album The Lighter Side of Concrete.

Although Polly had previously attributed it to a side-project, the name was adopted for the live line-up and is now permanent.


Polly has recorded with Jez as part of Death By Chocolate, contributing flute and vocals to the group’s most recent long-player Bric-a-Brac; she also features on the Hideki Kaji collaboration Hideki Spaghetti.

Jez joined the Groove Farm in 1988, remaining with ex-members to record the first Beatnik Filmstars album Maharishi.

He left in 1991 to pursue solo ideas and work on collaborative projects for Mike Alway’s if… and él  labels,  working with ex-Beatnik Filmstar John Austin, Matt Hulse and a range of vocalists including Hideki Kaji, Simon Fisher Turner, Louis Philippe, Ian Svenonius and Angela Tillett.

The team released albums under a number of aliases, including  Tomorrow’s World, David Candy, Death By Chocolate and Hideki Spaghetti.